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Japan Freetel Musashi Dual Screen/Dual Sim 4G Android Clamshell/Flip Phone Official Software Unlocked

Japan Freetel Collection
Musashi ( Dual 4" Touch Screen 5.1 Android Clamshell/Flip Dual Sim Smartphone )
Model: Musashi ( Dual Sim/ Dual 4" Touch Screen Android Flip Phone )

Screen: 4" Inch Dual 800x480 Touch Display Screen 
Camera: 8.1 Meg Pixels F2.2 Camera
Front Camera: 2.1 Meg Pixel Camera
OS: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
Processer: 1.2GHz Quadcore Proccessor
Memory: 8GB ROM / 1.5GB RAM
Band: 4G /3G / GSM , Wifi Enabled
 Band: 4G LTE / 3G / GSM , Wifi Enabled
W-CDMA方式(800MHz 850MHz/2.1GHz)
GPS/AGPS Supported
Menu: English / Japanese / Korean / Chinese / International Languages
Size: 123.1mm x 63.1mm x 16.6mm
Weight: 161g
Battery: 2000mAh
SD Memory: UP TO 128GB
Color: Black /White / Gold
Plug & Play With Any Simcard To Use )
Price: SGD $xxx - Full SW unlocked Version ( READY STOCK )

-Original USB Charger
-Original Datacable
-Original Battery
-Original Earpiece

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Video Of Musashi


Have been in awhile seen we see a Full android flip/clamshell models for Japan. Last seen and known to us are sharp models like Shf31 from Au Kddi, SH-06G from docomo, 501SH/504SH from Softbank which are half android OS. One of the famous its 007SH from Softbank which its the oldest one with full android os but its running android 2.3.3 still.

Now finally theres a Made By Japan Model called Musashi 二刀流 from Freetel. Its equipped with Dual 4"Inch Touch Screen and Dual Sim Supported. For this brand actually they have quite a few popular models which are Miyabi and Samurai Kiwami which its there top of the line that has 20.1mega pixel camera running on a Octa core Proccessor with fingerprint scanner. 

Actually this is not the 1st model which its dual screen for a flip/clamshell model. Previously theres a premium korean flip/clamshell android model which its called Samsung Golden. Its equipped with dual 3.7"Inch Amoled running android 4.2.2 and priced in the premium side.

Back to Musashi, 
Ok not to wait lets starts the unboxing.

Musashi comes in 3 colors, Black / Silver White / Champagne Gold.
The special front frame metallic looks design with the 4"inch display really make it stands out compare to other flip models from japan. Once open up the flip you can see the flat based keypad with white back keypad lightings. The flat keypad surface tends to be quite easy to press on, not like the hard buttons from our 1st impression when look at it.

Ok attached below its some specification of the Musashi

Front Screen:5.0" 800x480 (WVGA)
Inner Screen:4.0" 800x480 (WVGA)
Size: 123.1mm x 63.1mm x 17.6mm 
Weight: 161g
OS: Android 5.1 Lollipop
Main Camera: 8.1 Meg Pixel Camera 
Inner Camera: 2.0 Meg Pixel Camera
Proccessor: Quad Core 1.0Ghz
Band: 4G / 3G / GSM 
Wifi Enabled 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
GPS/AGPS Supported
Memory: 8GB ROM / 1GB RAM
Additional Memory : MicroSD upto 128GB 
Battery: 2000mAh Removable
Talktime:490 min
Standby:210 hours
Bluetooth: 4.0
Playstore in build
Sim Type: Dual Micro Sim Slot

We can see from here its come in 2 micro sim slot and a Microsd slot. No worries for not able to use 2 sim with memory card. Moving forware we will explain how come this its a good point.


Comparsion Of Old And New known Flip/Clamshell Keitai
From Left To Right 
Softbank 007SH , Docomo SH06G , Au Addi SHF31 , Musashi

Starting from the internal phone OS, To what i can see here its more towards a traditional Android OS without inbuild bloatware. Simple and nice for us to install whatever we wants. Its running on Android 5.1 so its quite up to date. Most important its support most of the languages in the world, so no worries for people who wanted to use it.

For dual sim function , we are able to setup which sim to call or sms or data or both. For Hotspot , this function its also enabled which you can share data with friends around.

Still remember about the 2 sim slot and microsd slot which i said that its a good point.
Here we discuss about that. For memorycard slot its important to this musashi as it can set most of your installed apps to the microsd card. So the more bigger memory card you have it will allow your based memory to be free up for better preformance of the phone.
A Higher read and write speed will be a good if you want most of the apps to be move to your SD card.

* One Important To Take note , it will need to format from phone once of you memorycard. So if its move from old phones , please make sure you backup 1st before format .*

For Keyboard or Keypad input , Just When closing the flip it will auto convert to a Qwerty Keyboard for you to type or just go under settings to change it to a 9 Button input.
Once opening up the flip its will be auto set to 9 button input but you can also change it to use Qwerty and touch screen to key in anything.

For Battery Wise at the moment i tested its around a normal day usages.
Currently me its around few calls around 25mins, whatsapp with multi groups chat coming in most of the time, emails , youtube videos around 30mins.
For my usage its just nice , as i reached home im able to do the charging. 

Camera Function:
Its equipped with a 8.1MP Camera and the Inner camera its at 2MP Both video or normal camera mode.
Standard Function Like Auto Focus , HDR , Beauty Mode , Scene Mode, Burst Mode, Face Detection.
Additional like Gesture Capture, Live Photo Mode, Motion Track Mode which its sometime interesting for us.

Just took a picture to test 

Multimedia Playback
Playing videos, the Musashi default player is pretty basic, basic controls for Forwards, Stop , Backwards and adjusting the playback size. But Video quality playback still quite smooth and decent without any problem.
For the sound , the volume levels are still quite normal as compare to most japanese phones which are slightly softer side. 


-Excellent build quality and feels good on the handling especially on a 4"inch size for a flip phone. True Traditional Japanese Keitai Looks .

-Lollipop Android OS without bloatware in check and basic google UI its a good point as it have more spaces and rooms for which enhance our android experience when using.

-Dual 4"inch Touch Screen of the phone its quite good as we can just access from the outer screen without opening up the phone.

-The Quadcore proccessor of 1Ghz its not a powerful preformance one but for basic usage, multi tasking and light to mid games are still not a heavy load for it to handle.

-Audio sound its just nice and the lack of a true audio jack and we still need a microusb to audio jack convertor which its include in the package.

-Application wise , most of the apps can be move to the microsd card space.

-Battery life its abit short as its around a full day usage for slightly heavy user like me with multiple Whatsapp, Line, Wechat groups running non stop messages, emails and sms.


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