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Vega IRON 2(IM-A910) 5.3" Metal Bezel With Fingerprint Sensor Android Official Software Unlocked

Korean Vega 2014 Collection Vega IRON 2 (IM-A910) ( Official Software Unlocked )( 5.3" Metal Bezel & Fingerprint Sensor )Premium Looks!
Model: Vega IRON 2  ( IM-A910S/A910K/A910L )Metal Bezel
Screen: 5.3" 1920x1080  Full HD Super AMOLED Display Screen
Camera: 13.2 Meg Pixel OIS Wide Camera
Front Camera: 2.1 Meg Pixel HD Camera
OS: Android 4.4.2 KIT KAT
Processer: Snapdragon 801 2.3GHz Quad Core Proccessor
Memory: 32GB ROM / 3GB RAM
Band:4G/ 3G / GSM , Wifi Enabled
WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
*GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz
WCDMA 1900 MHz(Band II)、2100 MHz(Band I)

LTE 900 MHz(Band 8)、1800 MHz(Band 3). 2100MHz(Band I), 2600MHz(Band 7)
**Enabled More LTE Bands : Band 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,13,17,19,21 ( Exclusively By Sgkeitai )**
Data Download Upto 150Mbps LTE-A
HDVoice Supported
Menu: English / Korean / ( International Language - Free On Request Rom )
Size: 144 × 73 × 7.9 mm
Weight: 152g
Battery: 3220mAh
SD Memory: Up To 2TB Memory Card
Color: White Gold / Black Silver / Black Gold
Plug & Play With Any Simcard To Use )
Price: SGD $xxx -  Full SW unlocked Version ( Pre Order )

Full Package:
-Original 3220Mah Battery x2pcs
-Original Twin USB Charger
-Original Datacable
-Original Earpiece
-Original Desktop Charger
-Screen Protector

( Free Update To International Rom For Customer Who Purchase Direct From Me )
*No More 65 Issue, No More SMS Issue, No More Bloatware 
*Service Fee Of $30 For Customer Who Never Purchase From Me Direct*

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Small Introduction Of Vega Iron 2

Lets start With The Unboxing , we can see the new VEGA logo.

The Front Panel Remains Clean & Clear Without Branding On Top Of It.
The Gold Metal Side Make its attractive with gold lining strip.
Classic Looks To What See & Feel. 1st look like a ip5s gold bigger version!
They also change the middle Home button smaller as compare to the older models.

The Back Of The Phone Will be the removeable Battery Cover . As compare to the older Iron 1 design , the logo its change and the camera location its change to the center. The older battery cover will be matt for the white color but to what i notice its totally different from the older material made.
Now you still can see its matt but with a better finish to prevent dirt from attaching to it.

Newly IOS 13MP Camera its been used now compare to old Cmos Camera.
The Quality Of The Camera Pciture Its Strongly Improved & can Be notices Clearly. This Time Vega have give a big move towards Photo Taking.

We can now see the Side Power Button on the Left Of The Phone

The Botton of the phone with Charging/USB port & The Speaker 

The Botton of the phone with Charging/USB port & The Speaker .

The top you see the 3.5mm jack for your favorite high end earpiece, On the right will be the Volume Up & Down Button

Now its time to turn on the Phone.
Finally with see a brand new Vega Logo.Do You Think its Nice??

Locked Screen Of Vega Iron 2, Notice anything? Its change to Super AMOLED Display With Full HD.
This its the 2nd thing i notice which its totally different from older series.
1st its OIS Camera, now 2nd its Super AMOLED Display. Hmm maybe theres more !!! Lets Check it out !

Slowly Slide off to unlock the screen , able you to peep the things under it .hehe

Now unlock thge screen, now comes the main Home screen.
Omg 1st look its really bright colored & also very Clear. Impressive!!!!!

The Main Menu icon Wah totally changed . Nicer looking icon now!

The main Settings Menu. As shown the simple mode function its been remove for the new vega Iron 2. But now i can see Style & Live Screen added in as new. Will look into it later

That one its a optional accessories for Vega Iron 2 Which allow you to have a additional fingerprint sensor behind. With Leather Battery Cover Finished..
More Of Vega Iron 2 Original Case With Fingerprint Sensor & Tempered Glass Protector

Video Of Vega Iron 2


  1. That means the fingerprint sensor doesn't come by default? Do you sell the optional back for it and how much does it cost?

  2. its optional accessories . email me for more thanks

  3. How much prize . I want to perchase this phone

  4. Do you have black & red model? How much with fingerprint scanner accessory?

  5. Do you have black & red model? How much with fingerprint scanner accessory?

  6. I need finger sensor pouch.
    How much price
    And how can i avail in Pakistan

  7. how to enable more lte band on it ?

  8. I want to buy in pakistan how much it cost

  9. I have a iron 2 for sale 03008478634 lahore gg d.h.a phase 4

  10. I have a iron 2 for sale 03008478634 lahore gg d.h.a phase 4

  11. I want to buy fingerprint back.
    How much price
    And how can i avail in Pakistan?

  12. I want main board for vega 910 03214914214