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Docomo SH-12C Official Software Unlocked Android3D

Summer 2011 Season Collection
Docomo Sh-12c ( Official Software Unlocked )( Aquos Glassless 3D Display & 3D Picture/Recording Video )

Model: SH-12C
Screen: 4.2" 540x960 Glassless 3D Display Screen Aquos
Camera: x2unit 8 Meg Pixel CMOS Camera ( 3D Recording ), 1,280 x 720p 3D
Front Camera: 0.3 Meg Pixel CMOS Camera
OS: Android 2.3
Processer: Snapdragon MSM8255 1.4GHZ
Memory: 2GB ROM / 512MB RAM
Band: 3G / GSM , 3G Data/Wifi Enabled
Special Info: Allow 2D to 3D Video/Photo Convertion
Size: 127mm x 64mm x 11.9mm
Weight: 138g
Battery: 1240mAh
SD Memory: Up To 32GB
Color: White / Black
( Plug & Play With Any Simcard To Use, No More Hypersim )
Price: SGD $3xx - Full SW unlocked Version ( White/Black )
**Updated To Latest Firmware Version
-Original USB Cable
-Original Battery
-Original Usb Convertor
-2GB Memory Card

**Just Sms me at +6582828528 or Email me at For Purchase or Enquiries!!
Oversea Customer Also Welcome. Just pop Me a Email!

Here Supported With A Mini Review On Sh-12c. Enjoy!!!

**Manage to get hold and do a small reviews on the Docomo SH-12c/SH12c White. 1ST MODEL to have been Official Unlock by Docomo itself.
1st look on the white SH-12C which its glassless 3D Screen Display. Its quite slim also!!Come with HDMI port to connect to TV with HDMI support for playing back of Videos

Back View of the SH12c . Saw the x2 8meg pixel 3D Camera .WAH!!
Remember the slot for the simcard its abit tight so if you are using microsim adapter pls take a note try to stick it with a puller for easy taking out of the sim.
Normal sim ok!

Back view with battery cover on

Lets boot up now !! So anxious!!!!!

Its up but the unlock screen method have change to slide up to unlock screen

Finally its on into the android system 2.3.3 and under settings, its not hypersim powered as theres no roaming!!

Wah under wireless settings see what i found, WIRELESS HOTSPOT!! Finally! Peviously Softbank 003sh & 005sh doesnt have this function!!! A plus for Docomo . Also you can use it connect older docomo models that have wifi like sh01c, f01c  etc....

Lets switch it to 3D screen Mode... Cant really tell from picture taken.

Create Different Folders for Selective Applications , Make easier access to whatever u need.

Testing with a 3d camera function!!!

Testing on on of the 3d application inbuilt. 3D fishes WOH!!!!! But too bad under camera cannot really tell the differences

Oh just got a chance to get hold of a black sh12c also .
Picture Side by side to compare! Hehe
Lets compare and which color will u like most ???

Video Link Provided:

My Personal Conclusion:
- Its using a MSM8255 Snapdragon 1.4Gzh Processor which its currently enough to handle most of the applications.
- Glassless 3D its still new in the market , but its better than wearing a 3d glasses around with ur 3d enable phone. hehe
- For Internet facebook games , its able to handle some of the games like farmville etc but theres still lag on that. A phone still a phone.
- Compare with other models , personally i feel that it consider as premium model with its 3D 8mega Pixel Camera and Sharp Aquos glassless Display.
- For Android Market Place its still default as Japan but still theres alot of application in it, but other application you cant find, you still can install from apk files found on the net.
- Mp3 format supported as compare to the traditional OS of Docomo which does not allowed. Bluetooth sending files also allowed.
- Default Menu only in Japanese and English but you can download chinese input from handwriting inside Market. After that it supports all viewing of Chinese Words With no missing words.
- Best To have As theres 2D to 3D convertion for video & Photo with one click and for this kind of pricing comparing with Lg Optimus 3D or Htc Evo 3D.

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